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When the well-experienced NFL coach Mike Westhoff is announced that the striker Harry Kane of  Tottenham is considering the chance of taking up American football after quitting his professional football career, he had some positive thoughts about this issues.

Westhoff has been an American football coach for 32 years with many experiences gained from different famous American football teams and tournaments. According to him, these teams are still waiting to witness an impressive performance of this former well-known football player, therefore, can come up with the final decision or make judgement about Harry Kane’s possibility of becoming a brand new American football superstar.

Almost look alike, actually, differentiate 

Football players often have an advantage of hitting the ball skillfully, for example Kane. However, according to Westhoff, he will not hastily jump to the final decision. Instead of that, he will invite Kane to a practical session: “I will put the ball forward and say: Just kick it. Then I will see what Harry Kane can do with this request.”, Westhoff shared with The Guardian.

Inviting Harry Kane to the rehearsal, asking him to show off the kicking ball skill and witness how he can deal with the situation, all seems to be simple. However, Westhoff’s intention is that: American football is not that simple. He used to train a lot of football players to become good American football players – for example, Pete Stoyanovich and Olindo Mare in Miami Dolphins.

Westhoff figured out that some football players who wanted to become American football players turned out not to be great in this new position. Taking a look back to the history, he shared he used to invite 2 really successful football players, one from Middle East, one from South America to the training session of Dolphins teams: “However, both of them turned out not to be good at American football.”

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