Carli Lloyd, new history writer for the NFL

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NFL (National Football League) is that the US national league, which defaults to the men’s playground. However, NFL history is close toaddressa replacement page when the feminine player Carli Lloyd shows that she isn’t inferior to any male colleagues and is receiving the support of the bulkof yank fans to become a player. The primary female in NFL history.

Famous from a 54 meter kickWhile Europe is reeling from the flow of football, in America, the country where rugby is that the favorite sport, a story has also emerged that draws many fans. That’s the event that the feminine player Carli Lloyd is supported by many American fans to become knowledgeable footballer and can even compete within the American Rugby National Championship (NFL). First we’d like to clarify 2 things. First, Carli Lloyd isn’t a footballer. She may be athlete, this year … 37 years old. Lloyd has won the planet Cup with the US twice and won the Olympic women’s football medal twice. Second, the NFL has absolutely no women’s league and no female player ever played with male colleagues.So what happened that the Americans created a wave of support for Lloyd joining the NFL? The story is this: shortly ago, Carli Lloyd and therefore the US team visited Philadelphia to attend a friendly match with Portugal. After completing her duties, Carli Lloyd decided to go to the practice ground of the Eagles Football Club (she may be a fan of this club).

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