Patrick Mahomes, NFL star with the half-a-billion dollar contract

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You signed the contract to receive 503 million USD. Not even Ronaldo, Messi, Roger Federer or LeBron James dreamed. We’re talking about rugby star Patrick Mahomes and the biggest signing in sporting history.
Mahomes is having it all at the age of 24. The Kansas City Chiefs player at the American Professional Rugby (NFL) has held both noble individual titles as Super Bowl MVP 2020 and Best Player of the Year (MVP). Mahomes play in the most important position of football is the center (quarterback). And now, Mahomes owns the most expensive contract in history.

On July 6, Mahomes extended his 10-year contract with Kansas City Chiefs with a total salary of $ 477 million. Accompanying $ 26 million in bonuses depending on achievements, the American player can receive up to $ 503 million for a contract that lasts until the end of 2031. Thereby, Mahomes becomes the first athlete in sports history. the world owns a contract that has reached half a billion dollars. In the framework of American sports, Mahomes broke the record of baseball player Mike Trout, who signed a 12-year contract worth $ 426.5 million with the Los Angeles Angels team.
Talking about football, also known as American football, it is a world overwhelmed by money. Just 30 seconds of advertising mid-game Super Bowl can cost 10 million dollars. But it was not until Mahomes signed a half-billion-dollar contract that football could “lift up his face” compared to baseball, where the players were not limited in salary.

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