CBS NFL Week 16 Predictions. Bears anticipate to playoffs, Arizona picks up steam

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The Bears played out, now their office, headquarters and quarterback can keep their jobs. In AFC North and NFC Vostok nothing has been decided yet. Duel of Samoan quarterbacks. The fight for the primary peak is fully swing. Lamar Jackson is back. Heavyweight battles in Green Bay, Seattle and Pittsburgh. Predictions for subsequent game week from CBS. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5) @ Detroit Lions (5-9)Handicap: Detroit +6.5At the top of the sport with the Titans, Detroit sent Chase Daniel to the sector rather than Matthew Stafford, because the meeting was heading towards defeat. an equivalent scenario is feasible with Tampa. Bucks skills to beat bad teams, and that i wouldn’t hope for an upset from Lviv during this situation, especially, relying on closing the handicap when backups appear on the sector, and therefore the temporary head coach visited the covid protocol.Forecast: Buccaneers 41-17 LionsBest Bet : None San Francisco 49ers (5-9) @ Arizona Cardinals (8-6)Handicap: Arizona -3.5The main intrigue of this game is that the potential return of George Kittle, but i do not know if the Niners will have enough healthy playmakers to force the fight on Arizona. San Fran is that the league’s most mysterious team at the instant. they will beat anyone, or they will merge the Cowboys with Andy Dalton. they’re suffering heavy defensive losses, which has exacerbated the issues the team has had with mobile quarterbacks in recent years. like Kyler Murray. Which, by the way, recovered. He also will become the most character.Forecast: 49ers 17-24 CardinalsBest bet : Kyler Murray’s total rushing yards over Miami Dolphins (9-5) @ Las Vegas Raiders (7-7)Handicap: Las Vegas +3.5Professional version of the scholar Hawaii Bowl. For the primary time, a pair of starting quarterbacks are going to be from the Pacific peoples, Marcus Mariota vs. Tua Tagovailoa. and that theyneed to score a bunch of points. Vegas are often productive without Carr, and have shown they will play vertical football after Derek lost the sector to Marcus last Thursday. The Miami offensive is stalling, but the Raiders’ defense makes anyone look strong, and therefore the possible return of Miles Geskin and Mike Getsiski will help. and that i really think Marriott will surprise tonsof individuals. And upset.Next »

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