What did the “experts” say in 2005 when Green Bay was drafted by Aaron Rogers?

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Former Green Bay Packers manager Ted Thompson had the heart to pick Aaron Rogers in the 2005 draft. And this despite the fact that Brett Favre still played for the team at a very high level.
The “experts” weren’t impressed.
After Green Bay were selected in the first round of the 2020 draft of Jordan Love, the team received harsh criticism from well-known experts. When the Packers did not choose any receiver or defensive end for the entire draft, the barrage of criticism only intensified.

Obviously Love is the heir to Aaron Rogers. However, many believed that the timing was not the best for choosing the next starting quarterback – last season, the Packers stopped one step away from the Super Bowl.
Fifteen years ago, when (then) general manager Ted Thompson drafted Aaron Rogers as the future replacement for Brett Favre, the Packers also came under fire. This choice, of course, paid off with interest: Rogers led the “Green Bay” to one championship and four finals of the National Football Conference, in the process won a couple of awards for the most valuable player in the NFL.
The situation with the choice of Jordan Love is eerily similar to that of 2005. So we thought it would be interesting to remember how some of the “experts” judged the Packers’ draft pick fifteen years ago.
Rating: 2/5
Analysis: “Brett Favre’s time is running out, so new general manager Ted Thompson couldn’t miss out on plummeting quarterback Aaron Rogers (24th pick). Perhaps someday this choice will be compared to the 27th peak of “Miami” in 1983, when a certain Dan Marino was selected. Now, this move has prevented the Packers from getting a player who can immediately influence the game. “
Mel Kuyper, ESPN
Rating: 3/5
Analysis: The Packers should have picked quarterback Aaron Rogers in the first round. The opportunity to win a successor to Brett Favre and give Rogers the opportunity to learn from one of the best passers in history could not be missed – even though he will not win the team this year. Cornerback Nick Collins, the Packers’ pick in the second round, is a great athlete, but still damp for the NFL and, in my opinion, was picked under an unreasonably high pick. Also selected in the second round, receiver Terrence Murphy is a solid player, but Green Bay does not need new hosts.

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