American Football for Fans

This is a site dedicated to that most popular of sports, American football. Fans and enthusiasts will be delighted by the in-depth articles discussing their favorite game. Let’s take a look at what you can find here.

The Necessary Equipment and the Timing

Even if you think you know about American football, you may be surprised to learn just how much equipment is required. Plus, take a look at the timing of the game, and why it is different from other sports.

Scoring and Penalties

Discover the rules of the different scores which can be achieved, and which one is most important. Penalties play a significant role in the game; learn about the different fouls, and what penalties may be imposed by the referee.

Player Positions and the Differences from Rugby

Here, you can learn about offense and defense positions, and some of the specialist roles including holders, kickers and punters. You may think American football is similar to rugby. Still, there are some significant differences between them, and here we explain what they are.

NFL Teams and the Next Super Bowl

The article on NFL teams picks some of the most outstanding in the game and delves into their history, and the records they hold. Its never too early to start talking about the next Super Bowl, and here are some of the fan’s favorites, and who is likely to win next year.

So, as enthusiastic fans ourselves, we hope you enjoy our American football site and all it has to offer.