Predictions for the fourteenth week of the NFL from CBS. Colts beat the Raiders, Detroit shocks Green Bay

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Two weeks before Christmas, and the familiar feeling of the regular NFL heading for a close, still doesn’t come. It is not there, because everything is constantly hanging by a thread, and games are teetering on the brink of being canceled. In student basketball, every match is like a gift of fate, considering all the problems that they faced there. Things are a lot better in the NFL, in part because it’s a gathering of paid professionals.

Three quarters of the season is over, and if we finish the fourth, it will be a big victory for all of us. So let’s do the same as every NFL team. We’ll put on masks and make every effort to make sure everything is fine.

And at the same time we will define the next forecasts. Last week turned out to be hot, underdogs and outsiders didn’t let the favorites get off the ground, why not happen on this one?

Arizona (6-6) @ New York Giants (5-7)

Handicap: New York +3.5

Here the favorite is the wrong team. I don’t like the Colt McCoy, Wayne Gallman and Jason Garrett combo bets, but Cliff Kingsberry and Kyler Murray are looking bad right now. Deandre Hopkins hasn’t run a single right-flank route in the past three weeks, coinciding with the timing of Murray’s shoulder injury. And with a drop in the number of his clearances, just 15 in 3 games. Murray is out of order, and the Cardinals are building the gameplay around his condition. So what do we have? Will a very well-defended team play a life match against an injured Murray as an underdog at home? I take the underdog. And I also like the bottom line total, the teams will not take risks. The total will be broken only if we see several touchdowns in defense.

Prediction: Cardinals 14-17 Giants

Best bet: Total Under 45, Giants +2

Denver (4-8) @ Carolina (4-8)

Handicap: Carolina -1.5

Again, the wrong team is considered the favorite. The Panthers have been playing well all season, but the Broncos are a poor opponent. We should probably wait for news of the players in the covid list, this could raise Denver to the rank of favorites. If your bookmaker’s Broncos are underdogs, choose them.

Forecast: Broncos 21-17 Panthers

Best Bet: Denver +4, Total Under 45

Tennessee (8-4) @ Jacksonville (1-11)

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