For the first time throughout history, NFL recruited their Rockies online

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In addition to the Super Bowl final, the American rugby league also has a very interesting event, which is the rookie selection period, also known as the NFL Draft.
Throughout its 80-year history, this is the first time the NFL Draft has executed this Draft online, with the viewing to complying with social distance regulations. Different football teams will select players online at their offices, and then send information to the rookie recruitment center, located at the Bellagio Hotel – Las Vegas.

There will be 58 cameras placed at the houses of the most 58 potential players which are connected to the system, in order to give the NFL fans the reaction of these players being selected for the NFL Draft. The NFL is also the first sports event to recruit rookies online, and it is likely that the US basketball, baseball or ice hockey league will have to learn from the NFL to execute this online.

It is expected that there will be more than 11 million fans watching the online auditions, which will take place in three days, from the 23rd to 25th of April. There will be 255 players being selected for 32 teams in the US professional rugby league. In addition, during this selection, teams can exchange their Rockies with each other. Only players who used to play at American universities, or have signed up to participate in the selection, can participate in the NFL Draft. After the selection, clubs can sign contracts with players who have yet been selected by any team.

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