Tottenham Hotspur stadium for the first time hosts NFL’s matches

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For the first time throughout the history, new stadium of Tottenhem Hotspurt will host an American football match.

After ta humiliating failure to Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur will make its way to the Southern Coast to compete with Brighton&Hove Albion within the 8th round of Premier League. Even though Tottenham Hotspur is far away from its home pitch, the spectacular stadium of them still host different matches, however, now they are the American foot ones. The official website of NFL as well as Tottenham has confirmed that it will be the first time throughout the history for a match of NFL tournament (American National football League) to be held on the Tottenham Hotspurt stadium.

The first match will take place on Sunday on the 6th of October, with the competition of Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bears, which will be the first step to execute the vision as well as ambition of Tottenham President, Daniel Levy towards the new pitch of Spurs. As the most spectacular sports center of London, this stadium features the most special construction, which is qualified enough to meet all the demands of other sports tournaments, NFL’s matches for example. In 2017, even before the inauguration of this stadium, Tottenham signed a contract with NFL, which allows NFL to hold 1-2 American football matches on their stadium within the upcoming 10 years. NFL is really popular in England, and organizing these matches belonging to this tournament not only bring the financial benefits to Tottenham, but also boost the reputation of NFL in Europe. This can also lead to the establishment of an American football team belonging to NFL in London.

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