DeAndre Hopkins of Houston Texans team has a “strange” way to celebrate after winning

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Every time Hopskins scores for the home team, he will hold the ball in his hand and run towards the stands, so that the ball touches the hands of his best fans. Not only was she a big fan, but his mother, Sabrina Greenlee, a woman who was blind, unable to see her son fight on the pitch but never missed a match. She always sat in the first row, where Hopskins could see her mother clearly.

Sharing about his mother, Hopskins said that Mrs. Greenlee lost her sight 17 years ago in a terrible acid attack. Tragedy occurred when she was a single mother raising three sons.
“The whole family always inspires each other. There is an unbreakable connection between us, “which is the affirmation on the Instagram of the talented player when it comes to the famous” touch “.
To become a strong woman, as the inspiration today, Sabrina Grennlee has experienced many events in her life. After her husband died in a traffic accident, her grandmother struggled with two jobs at the same time to support her three children. Because of that, she was drawn into several abusive relationships, which led to an event that changed her whole life.

On July 20, 2002, she was “jealous” by another woman by splashing acid on her face, neck, chest and was left to die at the gas station. However, she was discovered and put into emergency. After a week of coma, Greenlee woke up but lost her right eye, lost 40% of her left eye vision with a scar in her mind that never healed.

DeAndre Hopskins used her influence to help his mother raise money and also expressed her views and voice on issues. When the NFL (National Rugby League) allowed players to wear shoes of their own accord to play, Hopskin wore blue pink shoes with the words “Prohibit abuse” with four small symbols of women

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