The American football player arose shock when he punched his opponent within the face, which then became viral joke

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Both angry should lose wisdom, the American football player Javon Wims tried to punch his opponent but forgot this person was wearing a helmet.In the rugby match between New Orleans Saint and Chicago Bears on All Saints’ Day, for a few reason Javon Wims (Bears) aggressively rushed to attack Chauncey Gardner-Johnson on the opponent’s side.

 Out of his mind, Wims launched two punches to the face of the colleague.Wims had forgotten that Gardner-Johnson was still wearing his helmet, perhaps thanks to being too bloody. So, hit the opponent, but only Wims is that the one who hurts. Gardner-Johnson himself stood still, not showing any pain. However, the players of the 2 teams couldn’t keep his composure and rushed into one another to make a scuffle.It took a couple of minutes for the referees and therefore the security team to prevent the recent heads. Wims himself was disqualified then and his team also received the results of a 23-26 final loss. Wims is now facing an important penalty from the American Professional Rugby League (NFL). On the social network, besides the comments condemning the ugly actions of Wims, people don’t forget to sarcasm the 26-year-old athlete for the act of “hurting himself”.”I cannot understand why the players punched the helmet. it had been the dumbest act I even have ever known,” said basketeer Josh Hart.”What did he want to prove when he punched the helmet. It just made him look more pathetic,” said another account.

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