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To answer the announcement of Massachusetts Governor – Charlie Baker, the American football club 

New England Patriots has appointed China to transport 1,7 million face masks N95 back to China. 

A private aircraft is necessary to quickly push the speed of transporting this large amount of face masks”, New England Patriots revealed. 

In America, may local medical staff have been greatly affected by this dangerous pandemic and they are thriving to be supplied with some added medical supplies, especially protective equipment. 

“This is also an honor as well as a responsibility for our community”, the owner of the football team, Robert Kraft said. “They might know that buying the N95 face mask is really necessary and utilizing private aircraft to quickly transport all goods to local hospitals helps us to protect the medical staff who are fighting against this pandemic.”

According to the Reuters magazine, all of the face masks which are bought thanks to the partner relationship between the Kraft and the governor Baker will be brought to numerous hospitals in Massachusetts. 300.000 other face masks being bought by Kraft will be brought to New York, the centre of the pandemic in America.

The quick, unpredictable break-out and spread of Covid–19 in America have put many things in America in alarming situation, including sports clubs, which are doing everything to fight against the dangerous effect of Covid-19.

The US Tennis Federation said on the recent Monday that its facility was totally ready for supplying a 350-bed field hospital.

“This is an honor as well as part of our responsibility of our community.”, the owner of this American football team, Robert Kraft said. “We know that buying N95 face masks is really necessary and bringing aircraft to quickly transport and distributing face masks into local hospitals help us to protect healthcare staff who are fighting against the pandemic.” 

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