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Even though football is losing its privilege in comparison to other sports in America, American football used to have a lot of memorable victories throughout history. Below are the top 10 most fantastic victories throughout the history of American football:

10. 1998 semi-final of Golden Cup with Brazil

This was the first and the only victory of the American National Football Team to Brazil team in the Golden Cup CONCACAF. Even though the Golden Cup CONCACAF is the North American Championship, however in the past, other teams from different nations were also invited to compete in this tournament, Brazil was also included. America has defeated Brazil with an impressive score of 1-0 thanks to the goal of Preki. This match is also well-known for the outstanding performance of legendary goalie Kasey Keller.

9. The World Cup group stage in 1994 with Colombia: 

This is the first victory of the American National Team in the World Cup after 44 years. America gained the victory over Colombia with an impressive score of 2-1. Escobar helped the American team to lead the match first on the 35th minute and this was the only goal of the whole match. 3 points gained from this match was really precious for the American National Team at that time as it brought the golden ticket for them to go into the next stage.

8. The World Cup group stage in 1930 with Belgium

World Cup was firstly held in Uruguay in 1930. This WC season was also a remarkable milestone for American National Team when they were able to get into the final after ranking first in the group stage. 

On the first match of this year’s WC group stage, America won 3-0 to Belgium. In the next match, they continued to win Paraguay with the same score.

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