The socking news about a football player being “messed up” by women on a flight

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Information that caused the airline to fall back related to a football player being “harassed” by a woman in the skyline. A football player, playing at the US National Championship (NFL), said she was “abused” by a woman when flying an airline in the US. He said the airline’s flight attendant knew, but took no action to stop it.The American football player – using the alias “John Doe 1” revealed to TMZ Sports that he was “sexually harassed, attacked and abused many times” by the other woman. The player recalled it was on domestic flight, he still felt scared when he remembered that moment.

He sat in the middle seat, the woman sitting by the plane’s window repeatedly acted “sensitive”, worse than he was beaten many times. The friend accompanying the male player, alias “John Doe 2” in the lawsuit, saw the woman take a pill and it could be a stimulant.
The male rugby player has twice informed the flight attendant that he was “wronged” by the woman, but both times were ignored. For the third time, when everything was too unbearable, the male player stood up and shouted loudly, at this time the hostess moved the woman to sit in an empty row.
The player playing at the NFL said both he and his friend received a $ 150 voucher as a form of compensation from the airline, but they are inviting a good lawyer to sue the company.
The TMZ Sports page received the move from the airline mentioned above, saying: “The safety and well-being of our customers are always our top priority. In this case, the customer involved was transferred. Move to another seat. The lawsuit is being processed, we cannot disclose anything yet. “

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