Controversy arose when American players refused to stand up while singing the national anthem

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US President Donald Trump has recently made a vow not to watch any American football or football match if the players refuse to stand up to salute the flag and sing the national anthem.
Earlier this week, the American Football Association announced a shocking decision to allow players not to stand up while singing the national anthem, while expressing support for the anti-discrimination movement. Racism is going strong and spreading across America.

This decision immediately met with fierce opposition from the head of the White House – President Donald Trump. In addition, he also criticized the players of the American Rugby Championship (NFL) for kneeling while singing the National Anthem and considering it as a disrespect for the country.
With American football, this was inspired by the act of kneeling in the US captain Megan Rapinoe song in 2017 as a message to show solidarity with the activist. rights-cum-rugby midfielder Colin Kaepernick, in protesting injustice and systematic repression of black people.

“I will not watch a football match. Looks like the NFL still keeps their mind in that direction as well. So I will not watch any more American football games, ”President Donald Trump announced on Twitter’s personal page.
Along with the American Football Federation, another representative of the American Rugby Association – Roger Goodell also expressed his stance by admitting that he had made a mistake because he ignored the “voice of the players” and that they absolutely have the right to protest in peace.

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