Former American football star Reche Caldwell was shot dead at home

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Reche Caldwell had a date with his girlfriend when he returned home to get his coat when two strangers shot him dead over the weekend.
According to channel TMZ (USA), the incident is shocking the American sports industry and just happened last Saturday night (local time) in Tampa, Florida. Reche Caldwell, 41, was having an appointment with his girlfriend but returned home to get a jacket when two strangers ambushed him in the chest and leg with a gun.

Because of his serious injury, Reche Caldwell passed away on the way to the emergency room. According to the mother of former NFL star athlete (American professional football), Ms. Deborah said that this was an intentional murder, not a random robbery.
Currently, the US police are investigating the incident and also questioning if this was a robbery-murder case or not, because two strangers have ambushed for this former athlete intentionally.
Reche Caldwell has had 7 successful NFL seasons for famous football teams, including the 2006 New England Patriots alongside the famous star player of this tournament, Tom Brady.
Reche Caldwell’s younger brother Andre Caldwell has also competed in the NFL for the Detroit Lions since 2016, who is now considered to be a Super Bowl champion.
Therefore, the news of Reche Caldwell’s death shocked the American sports industry in general and the NFL tournament in particular. The athlete Tom Brady also went on Instagram to write messages to remember his ill-fated old teammate.

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