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Will Harry Kane’s fans stand the chance to see the renowed football superstar Harry Kane competing in another sport , not football in the near future?

A few months ago, Tottenham Hotspsur stadium had a great honor to host a match within the National Football League (NFL) for the first time. What came as the most interesting thing when mentioning NFl and Tottenham is that the superstar Harry Kane is also the biggest fan of American football. He used to confess his will to play this sport for the rest of his sports competing career.

Recently, the legend of Spurs, Clive Allen made an annoucement that Harry Kane is well-qualified enough swipe among different types of sports. Remarkably, Allen himself used to swipe from playing football to play American football in the 90s. 

“Former football striker are the ones who can successfully make it.”, Allen said to Daily Star. “Kane really paid attention to it and I would not be taken aback if during the next few months, he will become a striker for NFL.”

“I understand Kane, and used to work with him, I can make all of his attitudes as well as thoughts clear. I am sure that he can adjust his competing as well as practicing styles to fit in different tasks, and it is undeniable that he had been really successful in a professional career.”

American football does not require physical strength as much as football – at least at the striker position – therefore American football players can extend their careers longer than other sports.

Harry Kane has always had his name on the list of the most impressive player of Premier League throughout the last 6 tournaments.

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