American football rules you need to acknowledge

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This is a sport played in the form of a team and gain the love of the local. Their appeal is even greater than football and on par with basketball. So how is the rules for American football playing? Are they different from the rules of other ball sports? Let’s find out in this article

The rules of American football are not as complicated as you think. Usually when playing American football will be divided into 2 main teams offensive and defensive teams. The attacking team will have 4 times to play and must find a way to bring their ball to your team yard. A total of 10 yards must go in, each yard is equal to 0.91 meters. If after 4 games, the offensive team fails to go over to the opponent’s side for at least 10 yards. The ball must be transfer to the other team to serve as offence.

Once your team has to hand over the ball to the other team, the rules of rugby will begin to change. This change mainly in the context of the match. Now your team will take all the defensive players out and replace 11 attacking players. The offensive team did the opposite. That is, now they will change 11 offensive players to 11 defensive players. Normally if the team has attacked 10 yards this time, they will get 4 more games. Just like that, if the offensive team put more balls to the opponent’s baseline, they will get 6 points – Touch down. After each score of 7 points from Touch Down and 3 points of Field Goal, continue to change the rules of football. Now the attacking team must return the ball to your team by kicking the ball from the middle of the field. At this point, the opponent team will attack and your team will defend.

Rules of American rugby play like? The above article has analyzed and answered for you. Surely right now you get yourself the perfect answer. Thank you for reading

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