American football player Oren Burks urges people to “Buy Bitcoin”

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American National Rugby (NFL) player Oren Burks has just reminded the crypto community that he’s a Bitcoin bull. Burks, defender of the Green Bay Packers club, has caught the Bitcoin craze because the BTC price headed towards the $ 12,000 resistance.

He’s a person of few words, he tweeted to his 24,000 Twitter followers, “Oh yeah, Buy Bitcoin”. Then, he watched it “quickly and often”. Burks tweeted all afternoon about Vanderbilt football, his beloved old fashioned where he played football and has since been transferred to the Green Bay Packers in 2018. Vanderbilt is being beaten, so he modifies the topic. Oren Burks turned the conversation to Bitcoin, the “peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. This tweet has thus far attracted 1,000 likes and nearly 200 retweets. Crypto analyst and CEO of Civic Vinny Lingham recently said that when Bitcoin price crosses $ 12,000, it’ll go up and up from there. All feel familiar This isn’t the primary time Burks have used Twitter to tout Bitcoin. Back in 2019, he skilled a thread by NFL player and Bitcoin investor Russell Okung that “HODL” tells his followers that he was a part of the Bitcoin movement. Okung, who plays for the Carolina Panthers, is another Bitcoin bull who has cheered the cryptocurrency for its primary value – freedom.

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