The most expensive match on the planet $ 22 billion – an American football match

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In the rugby final which is worth 22 billion US dollars, there were 12 players who showed no less speed than Usain Bolt.
On the evening of 2/2 in the US, the most expensive rugby match on the planet took place and ended with a 31-20 win in favor of Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers club. The second victory in the final called Super Bowl helped the Chiefs Club bring in a lot of money from awards, advertising, TV copyright.

American football is called American Football, and its rules are no different from the regular football. What makes the audience most impressed by this game is its power, speed and dexterity. It takes an athletic body to withstand strong blows, has speed to reach the bottom line and needs to deftly pass the opponent.
According to Cbssports, the most attractive thing in the 2020 Super Bowl final (worth up to 22 billion USD, including 5 billion copyright and 17 billion money spent by audience) is speed. Each player on the two sides of the team possesses great strength and speed, it is statistically that up to 12 players have shown breakthroughs equal to the speed of “Lightning” Jamaica – Usain Bolt .
Of course, when compared with Bolt, the results are only relative, at each specific distance “Lightning” always leads with impressive achievements. Bolt holds the world record for 100m (9 sec 58) run, 200m (19 sec 19) record and his personal 40 yard (36.5m) run record is 4 sec 22.

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