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According to the latest ranking list released by Forbes last year, the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most famous American professional football team, was the first sports club to be valued at $ 4 billion, making it the most expensive brand in the sports world.
2019 saw the immense wealth of all American football teams playing in the US National Rugby League (NFL). Apart from Dallas Cowboys, the reigning champion of last year’s tournament, New England Patriots, was ranked third by Forbes magazine with $ 3.2 billion.
According to the statistics of this magazine, an average NFL team is worth nearly 2 billion USD, which increases 38% in comparison to this just one year ago. Each club played here earned $39 million more than in 2014, which increased the average pre-tax profit of each team to $ 76 million, led by the Dallas Cowboys ($ 270 million). and at the bottom was the Atlanta Falcons ($ 25 million).

The main reason is that the whole NFL tournament has undergone a dramatic increase in its profits. Although only taking place in North America, this is a professional sports tournament that brings the most lucrative profits to the organizers in the past few decades. Last season, the NFL achieved a recording $ 12 billion in revenue. According to a researching organization named IEG, NFL’s most lucrative sponsor deals come from big names like Verizon, Microsoft, PepsiCo, FedEx … which also gave these US football teams participating in NFL the profit of up to 1.15 billion USD per team.

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