9 most expensive ads in history of American football

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To get space on the Super Bowl, companies like Pepsi, Cocacola or Audi spend millions of dollars every 30 seconds they air.
Super Bowl – America’s national football tournament has always been one of the most attractive and attractive tournaments in this country. That is also the reason it has become the promised land for advertising campaigns, even though time per 30 seconds is extremely expensive. In 1991, the cost to advertise here was 6 digits (in USD), 2012 was 3 million USD per half minute and is expected to be 4 million USD in 2013.

In 2011, Chrysler spent $ 12.4 million on its more than two-minute commercial ($ 3.1 million every 30 seconds). This clip with the appearance of Rapper Eminem is also the most expensive advertisement to date on the Super Bowl.
In 2010, when the advertising fee was $ 2.9 million for 30 seconds, Budweiser brewery paid $ 5.8 million for a 1-minute video. The message here is that people are willing to do anything to drink beer of this brand.
One of the most mentioned advertisements was for Pepsi with singer Britney Spears. The Super Bowl charges $ 1.9 million for every 30 seconds and this one-and-a-half-minute commercial cost the beverage company $ 5.7 million.
Although spending up to $ 5.6 million on a minute-long clip, but in fact, this was not the most expensive advertisement that year (2009), but the title belonged to Pepsi with the amount of up to 8.4 million USD.

In 2008, every 30 seconds on the Super Bowl cost $ 2.7 million and Coca-Cola spent 5.4 million on this cute video. It’s a fight for a bottle of soft drinks between two favorite cartoon characters from the 90s.

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