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Some successful transactions from football to American football are actually rare. Tony Meola, the New Jersey origin who is an American goalie in World Cup 1994, succeeded in signing contract with New York Jets in this summer with the viewing to turning him into an American football player, as he had impressed them by some remarkable ball hitting. However, Meola has neither succeeded in making a powerful American football kick nor come up with any important ball kicks which can helps his team to bring home the bacon. The result turns out to be that Meola was let go after the 3th plays of the tournament.

Even though hitting and controlling the ball is an important part of football as well as American football, however, these 2 sports do bear some striking differences. The first challenge for a goalie in football, Westhoff said, is that playing under a lot of pressure during the short period of 1,3 – 1,25 second for the greatest. He also revealed that football players can take the ball under control really well, however, when it comes to American football, every actions need to be executed immediately. 

Kane is just only 25 years old and his career as a football player still lasts long. The chance of catching more spotlight and gaining titles is still huge. This was put emphasized on by Kane during an interview with ESPN about his plan to play football for the next 10 to 12 years. However, Kane claimed to be a huge fan of NFL. HE used to come to Atlanta to watch New England Patriots gain Super Bowl LIII. Kane showed special admiration to midfielder Tom Brady of New England, who gave him a lot of inspiration to try harder for success.  

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