President Donald Trump used to be a sport and American football star when he was young

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As a teenager, US President Donald Trump was an important member of the baseball, basketball, and American football teams during his time in New York.
According to the Daily Mail, Major Theodore Dobias, former Trump coach at the New York Military Academy, revealed that the present US president used to be an important player in the school’s football teams when he was in school.
Among all the sports that Mr. Trump has pursued, baseball is what he excelled at most. The proof is that at the age of 18, Mr. Trump was constantly invited by the Boston Red Sox team to compete in the American Professional Baseball (MLB).
“He’s a good athlete. He did so well that he was sent scout by the Boston Red Sox team,” said Theodore Dobias.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Donald Trump was the captain of all the sports teams at the New York Military Academy during his senior year.
The 72-year-old president then played sports so well that he was named in the Academy’s Hall of Fame for his impressive achievements in the past.
According to what Dobias said, in a recording interview for a book about his life in 2015, Mr. Trump detailed to the interviewer that he was an American football player and was the best baseball player in New York at a young age.
“I’ve always been the best athlete. It is a rare thing that no one knows about me. I was the best baseball player in New York when I was young. But I also knew that it was limited because at the time you can’t even make a lot of money from playing baseball, “Mr. Trump said.

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