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According to new announcements, Tom Brady has successfully signed contract with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the American football club having the same owner with Manchester United. He will play for this club during the period of 2 next tournaments, with the unrevealed salary. This player shared a post in Instagram: “It has always been interesting, challenging and ambitious, that is what I wanted to hear about American football. I started a new chapter of my life and feel really grateful to Buccaneers fans who have given me the chance to continue my favorite sports as a professional player.”  

Tom Brady has announced about his goodbye to New England Patriots after 2 decades being together and it had not taken him much time to opt for other suitable club. Tampa Bay Buccaneers is the club which is located nearby Tom Brady’s whereabout and this is also the venue for the next season of Super Bowl. Throughout the history, there have never been any host teams which succeeded in going into the final of the tournament. Brady is now hopeful to change this history with his new teammates.  

In this new football team, he will have the chance to compete with lots of talented teammates such as Mike Evans or Chris Godwin. These players has treated the-42-year-old legend with a warm welcome. Throughout Brady’s career, this superstar has earned 6 Super Bowl championship and became the legend of this prestigious football tournament. 

Tom Brady decided to leave New England Patriots after 20 years of being together. He wrote on his Twitter private account; “Even though the American football journey of me will continue in a different club, I has always remembered all of my hard-work as well as titles gained with this great football team”.

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