Appeared the contract “scent of money” the most sports history in the world: The lucky star earns mist half a billion USD

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The decision to extend the contract with the Kansas Chiefs helps rugby star Patrick Mahomes pocket money up to 500 million dollars.
According to ESPN, the most expensive personal contract in the history of world sports has just been signed. American football star Patrick Mahomes has agreed to sign a new contract with the Kansas Chiefs team for a period of up to 10 years with a salary ranging from 450 to 503 million USD.

The contract also has a term known as “injury guarantee”, for ensuring the special case when this renowned player suffer injury and must soon retire from his career before the contract expires, Mahomes will still pocket $ 140 million. In addition, the star born in 1995 is also privileged to add a “no-trade clause” – a clause that allows the player to decide whether to go or stay even when the host club wants to sell him to another team.
The contract above is considered to be the most lucrative one in the history of sports in the world, surpassing the previous “blockbusters” of baseball star Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels – $ 426.5 million) or famous boxer Canelo Alvarez ( 365 million USD).
Currently, Mahomes’ salary in the Kansas Chiefs shirt is about 25 million USD / year. The new contract renewal pen will help the NFL star (American National Rugby) to increase his income doubled. This is considered to be a worthy reward for Mahomes after becoming the MVP (best player) of the 2018 season and excelling at the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl for the first time after 50 years.

In comparison with the current highest-paid football stars in the world such as Lionel Messi ($ 45 million / year) or Cristiano Ronaldo ($ 35 million / year), Mahomes’ income is such a desirable one. He promises to soon be on the list of the best money-making stars of the year from Forbes magazine statistics.

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