Player Equipment in American Football

Players’ equipment in American football helps protect the player against injuries and identify the player with a certain team. Here is a list of the basic equipment used by football players.


Unlike in other sports where balls are round, the ball used in American football is oval to make it more aerodynamic and easy to roll. The ball is usually made of leather and sewn in laces.

Football Boots

Players have to run across the field and jump to win balls, so they have to use cleats to get a better grip with the ground. The studs on these boots are longer and stronger to prevent slipping. Cleat sizes are usually changed depending on the conditions of the turf.

Jerseys and Pants

As with other sports, players wear special garments to identify their names and numbers. And this gives the reason why players wear jerseys and pants that bear the name or logo of their club and official sponsor. Football pants are made of nylon and mesh to prevent them from tearing in the rough and tumble of the game.


Gloves are made of special material to help increase a player’s grip of the ball and prevent blisters.


The helmet is made of hard plastic to protect the head. This player equipment features a special grid (face mask) to help secure it and maintain visibility. Helmets also feature the logo and colors of the team.


American football is a contact sport and players have to wear protectors on their chest, shoulders, knees, and thighs to prevent injuries. The shoulder pad is made of hard plastic and has a foam padding underneath to absorb the shock of impact, protect against injury, and regulate body temperature.

A football player should also wear a mouth guard to protect their mouth from injuries and teeth from breaking.

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