Offseason and quarterbacks need to make the most important decisions

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In the middle of the off-season, and for many teams it is the most important period, a number of franchises need to make decisions about a key position in football, and decide on the player who will receive snaps under the center.

Let’s list the teams that should make their choice as soon as possible.

NEW ENGLAND. All the sports journalists were competing in cube reading, studying Tom Brady’s conversation with Julian Edelman at a Syracuse basketball game (the NFL network, fortunately, ended the discussion by reporting that Brady only paid tribute to Syracuse orange coach Jim Boeheim). In fact, the number of people who understand what’s going on in Tom Brady’s head right now is less than the number of escalators running at Lucas oil stadium during the combine (very few). It all comes down to finding an answer to the question “How much bill Belichick wants Tom Brady to be the Patriots’ quarterback in 2020.” “Dead money” is $13.5 million, and it will hit the ceiling if Brady doesn’t re-sign before 4 p.m. on March 18. The decision-making period is limited by this date, but, ultimately, it makes the situation more interesting. If Brady returns, the Patriots will begin forming a roster. If not, they will need to find another quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater? Andy Dalton? Ryan Tannehill (this option will be especially interesting if Brady leaves for Tennessee). Brady is 42, his accuracy has decreased slightly, but everyone was obvious about the lack of talent on offense around the quarterback last season. But Thomas is quite ready to overcome such difficulties, as he has done in the course of his career. Either way, the quarterback carousel around “musical chairs” won’t end until Tom Brady takes his place, in Foxboro or another city – no matter.

CAROLINA. Last week the new head coach of the Panthers, Matt Ruhl talked a lot about Cam Newton. At the same time, he did not say who he wants to see as a starter, Newton or another player, and did not say anything about the timing of the player’s return to the team after surgery. But when asked if he wanted Newton on the team in September, he was unequivocal and confirmed that he was waiting for the quarterback. Adding the following: “When he is healthy, no one has any questions about who he is for the team and what he is capable of doing.” However, in recent years, the “when healthy” tag has become very important, with Newton recently undergoing two operations on his throwing shoulder and a leg operation. So it’s very difficult for not only the Panthers, but any other team to determine the real state of the quarterback, and the Panthers are the Best informed about the process of his recovery. So Matt rule eschews specifics, buying himself some time to make a decision. He signed a seven-year contract with the team.

LAS VEGAS. Since Gruden’s return to the Raiders, there has been a lot of talk about the coach’s attitude to Derek Carr. And it seems the team prefers to keep building a roster around Derek. His final season was the best of Carr’s career in passing yards and percentage of compliments. The raiders even signed Antonio brown for him, but the receiver’s behavior forced the team to fire the receiver. Even without a formal first number on the receiving end, the Raiders developed a group of young players on offense that included runner Josh Jacobs, tight end Darnen Waller and receiver hunter Renfrow. Yes, Gruden won’t give up on a new quarterback, but he won’t just change Carr.

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS. The chargers are starting life without Philip rivers after a disappointing season, their 38-year-old quarterback was plagued by turnovers (20 interceptions) and clearly lacked mobility, and the o-line wasn’t as good because of injuries. The team is ready to use Tyrod Taylor as a transition quarterback and is able to draft a quarterback right now. The sixth pick is quite ready for this (most likely Jordan Love from Utah state and Justin Herbert from Oregon will be available), and the Chargers may well compete for Tom Brady, such a marketing move will help them a lot in the first year after moving to a new stadium in L. A. ( according the NFL network).

TENNESSEE. Mike Vrabel likes trolling, so it’s no surprise that he was caught facetiming with Edelman and Brady at a basketball game. This gesture literally blew the minds of journalists. And, let’s be honest, of all the teams playing outside of Massachusetts, the Titans look like the most realistic option to continue their career. The head coach is one of my best friends. A great set of point guards, A. J. brown, John Smith and Derrick Henry (if the team will be able to maintain). A strong roster that stopped two-quarters of the way from the super bowl. My prediction is that either Tannehill or Brady will start in Tennessee in the first week of the new season.




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