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4. The World Cup 1990 elimination round between Trinidad and Tobago:

The period from 1950 to 1980 was remembered as the worst period of all time to the national American football team. After taking part in the 1950 World Cup, America team was then not well-qualified enough to make its way to other next 9 World Cup tournaments. 

And to take part in the 1990 World Cup taking place in Italia, American team had to win the 1989 CONCACAF tournament. In the end, they successfully achieved what they were truly in need. Thanks to the goal scored on the 30th minute of Paul Caligiuri, America finally nailed it with the final score of 1-0.

This victory has bring America back to World Cup for the first time in 40 years, and help this nation being harshly criticized as not suitable for hosting World Cup 1994. 

3. The 2009 League Cup among different continents with Spain: 

The 2009 League Cup has made American football fans to have such an unforgettable memory. America was well-qualified enough to take part in the tournament thanks to the victory in The Golden Cup 2007, however, at the first stage, this team was predicted to go home soon.

Its victory to Spain was one of the most impressive one of the American team.

2. Round 16 World Cup 2002 with Mexico

In World Cup 2002, American team got the ticket into the elimination round thanks to a surprising score of 3-2 to Portugal.

This was the first victory of American team in an elimination round within a World Cup session.

1. The group stage of World Cup 1950 

Despite the fact this event did not catch the spotlight at that time, the victory 1-0 to England team has been one of the greatest victory in American football history.

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